Pre-Day 1

Now that I’m done with the workshop–well done, since I am late as usual in actually putting this on the web–I’m putting up my take on it.

I’m going to start out with the pre-game. Me and GW decided that it would be best to leave the youngest at home for this. Traveling with a one year old is stressful on everyone, but especially the kid. So we left a few days early, headed down to Illinois and dropped her off at her grandparents for a week of spoiling.

Then on Monday, me, GW and eldest daughter got up way too early and headed out to O’Hare. Now, GW and the girl weren’t staying with me, though the contest said it would be possible. Instead, they were off to visit some relatives of GW who live in Orange County. So they were on a different flight, and after dragging our way through security we split up.

Then I hit the plane, and was off to Hollywood.

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