Out with the old, in with the new

So 2009 has been shoved out the door, disheveled and stammering, and we won’t see it again until someone combines a time machine with an unholy craving for Transformer sequels.  So here’s my writing year in review–yeah, other crap happened, but I’m trying to focus here.

Two stories sold- Adam, Unwilling and The Blood of Dead Gods will Mark the Score.

Two stories published- Adam, Unwilling and The Farthest Born.

One award ceremony/workshop attended- Writers of the Future 25.

A few agents poked, with little reaction.

One book mostly finished.

Joined SFWA.

Summation- progress made, but improvement’s needed.  Time to buckle down.

So the goals for 2010, just so I have something to feel guilty about next year…

Novels- Finish ‘Little Dutch Girl’ by the end of January (currently at 75K), then start its rewrite after I’ve let some readers tear it apart.  Do a rewrite lite on ‘Chosen Wings’, polishing it up.  Start 2010 novel–currently lacking a title (and plot)–toward the end of the year.  Get serious about badgering agents, editors, and whatever hapless civilians that get in the way about Chosen and Dutch.

Shorts- Keep shopping around what’s done.  When done with the current book, plow through the ideas I have for new stories and get a new batch out there.

Work-1000 words a day, 20000 a month (I’m not that bad at math, I’m building in flexibility).  At least.

Other- More publish, more awards, more money, more minions.

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