Jun 7 2010

Oh yeah, progress…

Of a sort.  Amongst all the moving, I did manage to finish Little Dutch Girl.

Well, the first draft.  That’s the hard part for me though, grinding out those words on the page.  The revision/polishing up part is much more enjoyable, mostly.  So it should be all buffed and shiny by the end of the summer, in time for its fall cotillion at World Fantasy.

Wish it the best.

Anyway, it took 8 months instead of the hoped for four.  I’ll give myself a mulligan of a couple of months for the move, but that still leaves a couple of months of laziness in there.  Must-write-more!

Where there’s a whip, there’s a way, the orcs sing softly in the background.

Jun 4 2010

So what’s the latest excuse?


I.E. why haven’t I paid any attention to this site, and why has the writing been slow. The Genius Wife got sick of her job eating her life, so time for a new one, in a new state. Back to Illinois for us, land of corn, tornadoes and grandparents. (Grandparents only available in limited quantities)

Between the job stuff, selling one house, packing, buying another, etc., a large hole got knocked in my writing schedule. But I’m slowly clawing my way back onto the horse. At least a thousand words a day! Every day!