On the air, everywhere…

Blood of Dead Gods went live today, at Fantasy.

Go ahead, check it out.  I’ll wait.

It’s my first online pub that’s on an open site, so I can flog the link around and people might actually check it out.  Very cool.  Unfortunately for me, it’s being posted while I’m in the middle of an interstate move, surrounded by cardboard and chaos, with only spotty internet capability.

Which is why my picture looks so goofy.


2 Responses to “On the air, everywhere…”

  • crowolf Says:

    I had your story saved in my RSS feed to read at a later date, only to find out now it has dissappeared from the site. Just thought you should know.

  • Gary Kloster Says:

    Great, now I’m off the air, everywhere. Thanks, I’m sure it’s just some hiccup. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.

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