Nov 30 2010

Mmmm, Pod

So the 24 hour story I wrote at Writers of the Future is getting some more mileage.  After its run in Fantasy, I sent it on to the fantasy podcast, PodCastle.  They liked it, so now I have my first reprint and podcast all wrapped up in one.

It’s kind of strange to listen to.  Normally, I only hear my stories read aloud by me, when I’m trying to keep myself awake while proofreading them for the fiftieth time.  Got to tell you, they have better voices then mine at PodCastle, which is a good thing.

So go over and download it.  It’s free!  Except you should then give them some money, so that the fine proprietors of this site can not only keep doing this, but also keep both kidneys.

Nov 10 2010

World Fantasy~ Columbus Edition

So at the end of October I tossed the kids into a U-Store and headed off to Ohio.

Okay, yes, I lie.  The kids hung out with the Grandmas.  But I did go to Ohio.

Because there was World Fantasy- a convention!  About fantastic type things.  Written down.

So I’m told that World Fantasy is different then most cons, in that it has more of a business meeting type vibe.  Which apparently means that you sit around in the hotel bar and talk business.  Occasionally, amongst all the other things.  So I did that, and had a lovely time.  I met up with old friends, made some new ones, and played the internet match game.  Y’know, hanging a real, live, squishy face over that boney bundle of comments that you read on various newsgroups.

Did I actually get any business accomplished?  Yeah, sorta, maybe.  At least it’s inspired me to get on with my next two big projects.  First, hashing out my third book, a Lovecrafian pastiche workingly-titled “The Color Out of Lizards.”  Or maybe “My Sucky Endless Summer.”  I don’t think either of those is going to stick.

Second, selling my second book, Little Dutch Girl.  Which means it’s time to bust out a new query letter and synopsis.

Oh, how I hate them.