World Fantasy~ Columbus Edition

So at the end of October I tossed the kids into a U-Store and headed off to Ohio.

Okay, yes, I lie.  The kids hung out with the Grandmas.  But I did go to Ohio.

Because there was World Fantasy- a convention!  About fantastic type things.  Written down.

So I’m told that World Fantasy is different then most cons, in that it has more of a business meeting type vibe.  Which apparently means that you sit around in the hotel bar and talk business.  Occasionally, amongst all the other things.  So I did that, and had a lovely time.  I met up with old friends, made some new ones, and played the internet match game.  Y’know, hanging a real, live, squishy face over that boney bundle of comments that you read on various newsgroups.

Did I actually get any business accomplished?  Yeah, sorta, maybe.  At least it’s inspired me to get on with my next two big projects.  First, hashing out my third book, a Lovecrafian pastiche workingly-titled “The Color Out of Lizards.”  Or maybe “My Sucky Endless Summer.”  I don’t think either of those is going to stick.

Second, selling my second book, Little Dutch Girl.  Which means it’s time to bust out a new query letter and synopsis.

Oh, how I hate them.

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