Ah, a new year.  Again.

Not that many posts ago, I mapped out my plans for 2010.  Let’s see how I did.

Novels-  I wanted to finish Little Dutch Girl, and I did.  And polished it up.  Now it’s looking for an agent, and at least getting some nibbles.  So we’ll count that.

Cleaning up Chosen Wings is more of a wash–It still needs a lot of work, but with the new writing group tearing into it I have a much better handle on what I need to do with it.  Still, I at least feel somewhat positive about its direction.

The new novel–Meh.  I’ve got the outline and its started.  But just barely.  I’d hoped to be well into it by the start of this year.

Shorts-  Sold two more, Mayfly and Sympathy of a Gun.  Also sold Blood of Dead Gods as a reprint to PodCastle. Churned out a few new ones, revised some old ones, and they’re circulating.  Still getting bounced, but I tend to get the nice bounces now at least.

Went to WisCon and World Fantasy, got to meet a lot of cool people.

Ended up in a new writers group.

And about those word count goals.  What was that, a thousand a day, 20000 a month?  Yeah, not even close.

However!  I cleaned and prepped and sold our old house, did an interstate move, helped the GW find a fun new job, bought a new house, and settled in with the kids.  Excuses, but at least they’re good ones.

So what have I learned?  Don’t list easily verifiable goals in public, for one thing.  So the goal this year– more than last.

I think I can hit it.

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