Aug 22 2012

Boosting the signal

My new story, Riding the Signal is currently up at IGMS. It’s about drones, teamwork and DEATH.

Jun 14 2012


All Rights Reserved is the name of my amazing writing group. We just started a blog, where I’m actually going to be posting at least once a week. Or I have to buy them coffee. So if you’re truly interested in my internet mediated babble, you’ll find most of it at-

ARR!!!! blog

Four writers, four exclamation points.

May 1 2011

Spring Forward

The weather has turned, and summer creeps closer on big thunder-thumping feet. Coming back with the leaves, if not so thickly, is time.

So, in addition to hitting my writing goals (how’s that going? unhappy face and a kick to your shin) it’s time to mess around with the propaganda. I’ll be cleaning up the page a bit and adding some new stuff. Cause I’m so interesting and everything.

Mar 22 2010

New! Improved! Updated Infrequently!

Life is busy lately. So not much posting lately. But the site does have a shiny new look, courtesy of Gra Linnaea. He was one of the other WOTF winners with me, who also designs web sites. So I had him help spiff mine up a bit.

Spiff in a urban grungy sort of way.

It’s not quite done yet. The plan is that eventually the image on the splash page will change each time people come back to it, to either a cover or illustration that relates to one of my stories. But Gra had to run off to Europe before that could get finished. Something about zombies, I think. It was hard to hear over the screaming.

Aug 6 2009

The Big Crunch

Baen’s Universe is closing.

They announced it yesterday, in their new issue. I really liked Universe, and thought they had some good ideas on how to create a successful online magazine. Unfortunately, I guess I was wrong. So there goes another short story publisher.

I have faith that the short story market will survive. Hell, someday I think it will thrive. The web and e-readers seem to be made for it. I just wish (like a whole hell of a lot of other people) that I knew how.