The Last Volari – Black Library

My first Black Library Novel! Nyssa Volari deals with curses, fanatics, and family.

Of Blood and Guts – Black Library

A different vampire story.

A Limited View – Stupefying Stores 25

Dinosaurs and academics.



The Waste, the Witch, the Worm – Black Library

Nyssa Volari begins to deal with troubling family dynamics

Also part of the Untamed Realms anthology

Anger & Ashes – Black Library

An introduction to Nyssa Volari

Also part of the Untamed Realms anthology

Memories of Blood and Sand – Black Library

A Story of Rostus Oxenhammer

The Gangs Beneath – Cthonia’s Reckoning – Black Libarary

Beneath the surface of a besiged planet, strange alliances are formed

The Buried Beast – A Lazarus Short – Black Library

Lazarus, Master of the Dark Angels Fifth, must come to terms with his resurrection

Knives in the Deep – Harrowdeep – Black Library

Pirates in a kind of Hell.

Part of a Warhammer Underworlds anthology

Patience Kills – The Successors – Black Library

New strength is taught old wisdom

A Space Marine anthology



Heart of the Beast – Direchasm – Black Library

There is hunger in the Beastgrave

Part of a Warhammer Underworlds anthology

The Perfect Assassin – Black Library

Never bore an assassin

A Maleneth Witchblade short story for Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Also found in the Conquest Unbound anthology

Walls of Teeth and Iron – When Worlds Collide

Alternate histories, alternate fates. A rather bloody fantasy short

The Verdant Sun – Broken City – Black Library

Life and Death beneath the city of Varangantua

Part of a Warhammer Crime anthology

Confessions in Fire – Sanction and Sin – Black Library

More Trouble in Varangantua

Part of a Warhammer Crime anthology



Spark of Revolution – Black Library

Change isn’t easy. Especially for an Ogryn

A novella set in Necromunda, from Warhammer 40K

Also found in the Deliverance and Damnation anthology

His Terrible Visage – Uprising – Black Library

There are all kinds of blessings, even for the meek and the weak

A story set in Necromunda, from Warhammer 40K

Curse of the Lucky – Inferno 5 – Black Library

Cutty always thought he was lucky. But he’ll need more than luck to survive the underhive

A story set in Necromunda, from Warhammer 40K



Hot Times at Shady Pines – DreamForge – Issue 4 – December 2019

Problematic immortaility, retirement homes, and drone shenanigans

Formless – Analog – November/December 2019

Body modification, AI’s, and the seduction of belief



Revolution Days – Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores – December 28 2017

Haircuts, magic, and revolution

Interchange – Clarkesworld-Issue 124 – January 2017

Highway construction, sexbots, snakes, and possible apocalypses



Llamacide – Futuristica: Volume 1

My only story about a killer camelid. So far

Chicago Blues – SciFutures Presents The City of the Future

Music, sewage farming, and morality

Saints, Beasts, and Zombies – Escape Pod Episode 532

No saints, beasts, or zombies actually appear in this story. Sorry



Firsoul – Paizo Publishing

My first novel! You could call it sword & sorcery, but it’s really spears and spirit magic and lots and lots of fire

The Gem – Pathfinder Tales-Paizo Publishing

This is the lead in story to Firsoul. It’s not necessary to read it before the novel, but why not? It’s free, fun, and contains a Grootslang!

Umwelt – Not Our Kind

What if class distinctions just keep growing, and growing, and growing



The Golden Glass -Escape Pod-Episode 431-January 17, 2014

Interdimensional evil twins, booze, and fireworks. No goatees though, sorry

Last Dance Over the Red, Red World – Apex-Issue 64, September 2014

Star Towers and pastiches. Or is it a homage? Inspired by? Ripped off from? One of those

Shooting Aphrodite – Streets of Shadow

Okay, the title is a bit misleading. Aphrodite does not appear in this story. It’s a different goddess. And the shooting is different too

Changeling Fall – Crowded Magazine – Issue 3

Not fitting in, speciesization, and star towers again



Conjugation – Daily Science Fiction

AI’s, dating at interstellar distances, and comparisons to bacterial genetic exchange



From Their Paws, We Shall Inherit – Clarkesworld-Issue 66, March 2012

Again with the alien invasions. This one is monkeys though, instead of wasps. And maybe they’re really friendly! Maybe…

Riding the Signal – The Intergalactic Medicine Show-Issue 29, July 2012

Another monkey in this one, but now there’s no maybes. This story is my take on Alien. In the movie the tag line was- In space no one can hear you scream. For this story, I guess it would be- Under Albuquerque no one can hear you scream



Mayfly Warrior Wisewoman Three

There have been a lot of stories written dealing with inequitable immortality.  This story is a variant on that.  Plus, there is kung-fu.  Okay, only a very little

And the Blood of Dead Gods Will Mark the Score – Fantasy Magazine, Monday August 9, 2010

I wrote the first draft of this in less than 24 hours, in the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  It was an assignment for the Writers of the Future Workshop.  I really like how it turned out.  Maybe sleep deprivation is my muse

Sympathy of a Gun Intergalactic Medicine Show-Issue 20, December 2010.

A story about alien invasions, unwanted pregnancies, giant robot crabs and Florida




Adam, Unwilling – Jim Baen’s Universe, Issue 19: Vol 4 Num 1, June 2009

The idea- A lot of science fiction focuses on what changes technology will bring to culture.  Take mind uploading– that’s a gift that keeps on giving  for sci-fi.  When your characters can load their brains like software into a network, it opens up a world of possibilities.

An author can go two ways with this.  They could focus on the problems this new tech could solve.  Like making generation ships possible.  Or they  could focus on the problems this tech could create.  Like how long will it be before someone decides to go all HAL on everyone else in the  network?

Most of the time, like in this story, it’s best to do both


The Farthest Born Writer’s of the Future Anthology XXV

The idea-   I liked the idea of a setting where space travel was stuck at sub-light speeds, but there was faster than light communication.  Earth’s first extra-solar colony could be a mix of the poor schmucks who had gone through the long slog all the way there and a bunch of gawkers from Earth who popped in over the communications system.  My initial idea was to try this as a strange form of long distance romance between a colonist and a researcher whose physical presence was that of the robot she was running from Earth.  Nice idea, never really went anywhere.

Then I remembered something I had watched as a kid, about the biologists who were rebuilding the California Condor population.  They were taking condor eggs and incubating them, and then raising the chicks in a safe setting.  To keep them somewhat attuned to a natural state, they fed them using puppets that looked like adult condors.

Mix these two ideas, add some teenage resentment and an alien predator, and the story gels